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Business Background Investigations:

Business Background Investigations examine the backgrounds of businesses and the principals who run them. It analyzes the business’s assets, debts/liens against, past or active lawsuits, ratings, and conducts background checks on the corporate officers who run them. Jackson PI Services helps businesses of all sizes mitigate risk by conducting a comprehensive due diligence report utilizing the most competitive search engines currently available. Whether you are looking to invest with a company, purchase a company, check out your competition or simply recover a debt, a business background investigation is a necessary tool in making the best, most informed decision.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

Employee Background Checks:

Who is working for you? How do you really know who they are? Are they handling your money, speaking to your clients, taking care of your children, or your elderly parents? Do they have access to confidential information about your clients or your business?

Employee Background Checks or Pre-Employment Background Checks are a requirement for small to medium businesses as well as large corporations. LiveScan or publicly accessed online search engines are simply not enough to ensure that an individual is suitable for handling the complexities of your business. Getting the information you need prior to hiring someone eliminates the potential for grief, frustration or financial loss later.

Jackson PI Services utilizes the most up-to-date search engines available to investigate the backgrounds of current or potential employees. Our investigators will provide a detailed, comprehensive report on the individual and will also conduct interviews if needed. In today’s complex and competitive market, an interview and a resume just isn’t enough to protect your business and assets.

Business Asset Checks

Don’t need a full Business Background Investigation? The Business Asset Check is used to reveal the financial profile of an individual or business. The asset search can be useful in matters involving litigation, debt recovery and in general business law. There are several levels of the asset search, from a basic search of public records to a more thorough asset investigation, which can reveal hidden assets such as offshore accounts.

Hiring a private detective is the most reliable way to find out the assets and net worth of an individual, business or corporation. Private investigators have the experience it takes to trace assets and determine net worth. They also have access to sources and data that is not available to the general public.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence in Business is the process through which an individual evaluates a target company or its assets for acquisition. It is also the term used for conducting an investigation of a business or person prior to signing a contract.

Whatever the need, performing this type of investigation contributes significantly to informed decision making by enhancing the amount of quality information available to you, the business owner. A Private Investigator can report all necessary information to you allowing you to properly evaluate all the costs, risks, and benefits of moving forward.


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