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Jackson PI Services, Inc. is a licensed Private Investigation firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We work with businesses, attorneys, and individuals who need an experienced investigative team to gather the information and evidence required to make informed decisions, present the strongest case for their clients, and bring closure and peace of mind.

Our confidential and professional services operate day and night to provide superior service to our clients. We help you solve your problem and get you the answers you need.

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At Jackson PI Services, we specialize in background checks for any reason: job applicants, contractors, roommates, you name it. We also have expertise in background checks for dating, real estate,...

Attorneys routinely need experienced private investigators to help them gather information that law enforcement cannot always provide. We understand that as an attorney, you need an investigator who...

Whether you need a background check on a caregiver, help identifying someone who stole your identity, confirmation on the safety of your child outside your custody, or documentation of a cheating...